What is DineNMeet?

DineNMeet hosts events several times a year and tailors each one to a target audience, based on age, hasghafa, and a variety of other factors. Ranging from home-hospitality Shabbos events to shiurim, wine tastings to Back to Camp, DineNMeet offers something for everyone.

To attend a DineNMeet event, one must apply in advance and be accepted. Therefore, each event is filled with pre-screened, appropriate, dynamic individuals, and the group is always equally divided between men and women who are compatible and new.

There is always at least one DineNMeet matchmaker in attendance at each event who facilitates during, and also coordinates all after-event follow up. Each attendee can request more information on other guests, or to be set up, and our matchmaker does so efficiently and discreetly. It’s all included in the package!

You get to meet people on your own in a comfortable environment, with the help of some preselection and appropriate follow up!

You’re also welcome to stay online with us and allow us to match you up using our confidential, online database. Only matchmakers can see your profile, so no worries about other people perusing your info. We work with you to find the right person for you!

What makes DineNMeet different?

Unlike most “singles events,” we’re not about same old. We constantly diversify our group of attendees and never have uneven numbers of men and women. We continuously update our repertoire of events and host communities, keep events fresh and exciting. People continue to come back because each event is worthwhile, and new people continue to apply because they heard about it from their friends.

As one of our guests said it best, “This doesn’t count as a singles event; it’s too fun!”

Why even go to an event?

Because no one knows who you’ll have chemistry with like you do. Many of the couples who have met at DineNMeet and have gone on to get engaged and married never would have been suggested to each other in any formal capacity. Different backgrounds, ages, locations, hashgafas – not a “match” on paper, but definitely one in person!

And if you don’t spark with someone right away, don’t fret! Our matchmakers are there for you to help with follow up. One of our now-married couples didn’t even meet at the event they both attended – our matchmaker suggested it after the fact! We also recommend “Suggest A Friend” and follow up on all of those, too. Build your network with us. You never know who will lead you to your bashert!

Why DineNMeet?

Part of a larger network, DineNMeet delivers:

  • Exclusive, dynamic events filled with people you want to meet
  • Dedicated and experienced matchmakers who care about you
  • Initiative: no more waiting for other people to set you up. Meet who you want!
  • Confidentiality